Sometimes I get the Nintendo DS…when they aren’t looking. If I get a video game to check out, the kids think it’s all about them. This game, Big Bang Mini is all about ME. They don’t know I have it. Let’s keep it that way.    I grew up loving Space Invaders and Centipede, and this has the same action shooter style, but harder.   Meaning I feel a sense of accomplishment when I move from one step to the next.

Not “why aren’t you moving any faster?

It’s all about me.  For once…

According to the CEO…

“Its bright colors and fantastic animations make it a joy to watch just as its ever challenging levels and options make it a pleasure to play. We are offering this game at a great price point that make it a must buy for any serious gamer.”

Ok, so it’s great for me and it’s great for my serious gamer kids…Oh, they COULD play it…but they don’t share so why should I?  I think YOU’LL like it…and if you feel like spending $19.99 on your kids, then have at it…mine can get their own…

Sorry, sometimes the FUN belongs to ME!!!

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