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Since I posted on Short Pump Preppy about the Free Bottle of Suave Bailout on January 14 {puffy hope you got in on the coupon}, Suave began stalking me. In a good way. They are very economically suavvy [lol] and offered me a stimulus package.

I know! Since I may not get one from the government I was super psyched about this one.

They sent me their super affordable products and some high end competitors’ products to try in a head to head challenge.

…wow, and look at the pretty plate of goodies…just because they are on a pretty plate doesn’t mean they are better…sheesh...

I compared the moisturizers…Suave vs. Jergens.  I have to say I’m crushin’ on the Suave. It is lighter and not as heavy a smell….  and at half the price, ($3 vs. $6) I’ll take it.

According to Suave:  It provides fast, long-lasting relief for tight, dry skin, leaving it conditioned and healthier looking.

I put the Suave shampoo and conditioner in a head to head with the Nexxus and I didn’t see a difference.  I switched back and forth, using each for a few days and both felt lighter than the product I had been using.  {whoops} Tells me I was due for a CHANGE.

Suave’s Humectant shampoo and conditioner are a salon quality system that restores moisture to dry or damaged hair, leaving it soft and manageable.

$2 – 2.50 as opposed to the Nexxus at $8.79-12.69.  For Realz.
(btw, the pic shows the SUAVE, obvy)
The Suave hair spray didn’t leave my hair heavy and didn’t dry it out.  The Sebastian Shpritz Forte?  (geez I can’t pronounce it, how’s Cute and Sassy going to plug it into the SmartShopper?) A little wetter, heavier, but seemed a little stronger.  I liked them both, and would probably use them for different occasions, depending on the need…but that’s a biiiiiiggg price difference.

The Freeze Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray from Suave delivers all-day hold for style and control.

Suave $2.17, Sebastian, $12.49!

The cleansing gel.  Sorry Suave, your scent was a little too strong for me and I was indifferent to the Bath and Body works.  But I’m not a flowery kind of girl, so I would probably pick a different scent (like the cucumber melon or the tropical in either brand.  Someone who likes flowery perfume would probably be OK.  The scents were very similar.  The Suave was just a little too heavy for me.  But for the price, you should give it a whiff.

The Suave Sweet Pea & Violet Body Wash formula is made with sweet pea and violet extracts and skin conditioning Vitamin E.

Suave $2-2.50, B&BW $10.50 {I know!}

Then they gave me the deodorant, just as a comparison with my own… It is just as good as the Dove I have been using.  Ukrops, you need to move the Suave off the bottom shelf.

Thanks Suave for taking care of me in these tough economic times!  I’m definitely up for CHANGE, and CHANGE can be good!  And save me a boatload of moolah!

Next I’m going to check out their MOUSSE.  You BETCHA!  I just hope I don’t have to go all the way to ALASKA to find it!

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