Some of you haven’t entered the contest yet. YOU DON’T WANT TO FORGET AND THIS IS WHY! One of the prizes is a digital print by

Well the team at Phokki is comprised some of the most talented individuals in the IT industry with the passion of digital arts. Phokki was entered in Start-Up @ Singapore Open Category and was awarded First Prize. In addition, Phokki is also nominated as the official representative of Singapore in the Global TIC in Taiwan. They know digi-fun. You should be glad they can’t enter the contest…sheesh..,

Phokki is the key to transforming your average photo into an embellished and sophisticated piece of artwork at minimal or even no charge! Phokki has a pool of talented artists from diversified cultures that can cater to any form of customization or inexplicable photo styling specialization that you, our customer may want.
I’m going to show you something …it might move you along a little faster…just maybe.

Remember Monkey? Look what the people at did to her…this was the before:

and this is super cute kitty!

I know! They can do this to you and your family and your animals too! And if you order before January 31, you can get an awesome Valentine’s day gift at 60% off..I’m not kidding! And then you can come back and win the contest…and make more cool stuff.

How cool is

Phokki- turn photo into artwork

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