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I’m a bit of a gamer MOM. Sometimes my kids share, sometimes they don’t. When I mentioned the upcoming release of Nintendo DS Big Bang Mini game on January 20, I could tell we might have a fight on our hands. I don’t share well. This game looks like fun.

from Southpeak Interactive:

A challenging new twist on the retro shooter-style game, Big Bang Mini, developed in conjunction with Studio Arkedo, offers Nintendo DS™ players the opportunity to create their own fireworks displays. Players send up rockets with a sweep of the stylus while avoiding the burning fallout from fireworks which miss their targets. The aim of the game is to collect stars which fall when an enemy is defeated and progress through the game’s 90 levels.

You can play single player or multi player.  So I just need more than one.  I’m on it.  FTW!!

Look for Nintendo DS Big Bang Mini on January 20!  

Sharing is caring!

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