It’s really not a resolution so much as it’s a do or die decision. I am going to be more organized. So in my quest for a day planner, I came across the momAgenda. I know, you all have heard of it before. They are cute and colorful and look like they are for MOMS. Let me tell you what they really are.

This is well made, tightly bound (so your list won’t fall out if you slip it in there), with writing lines that are bigger (not huge,but bigger than some) so that I can see even if I don’t have my reading glasses). With some planners I would lose my lists in the store and needed to take two lines to write a line of script.  Just so I could read it.  Not so with the momAgenda. It’s Mom and me friendly!

I was given the Mini-Daily to review and it’s fabulous.  FAB- U -LOUS .  Hey, I think this is one I will actually use.  I’ve tried other brands that are either too small or too difficult and this Mini-Daily is right in between.  It’s the perfect size for me, who is a small handbag person.  At 5″ x 7″ you can take this anywhere and slip it in your bag or briefcase along with your laptop with no problem. 

Here’s the good news.  The Mini-Daily is 50% off…I know SQUEEEEE!  and their other products are between 20-40% off.  So if you aren’t prepared to be organized here is your chance.  Who doesn’t love a deal.

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  1. jill jill bo bill
    January 13, 2009 at 3:14 am (10 years ago)

    What was I smoking when I thought I was already following you? You have so many bright and sparklely things on there I must have gotten distracted.


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