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Here’s what you’ve waited for…the 411…the deets…the down and dirty about the DIGI FUN contest.

Number 1 rule, be creative. Programs like “yearbookyourself” are fun and funny, but don’t count. A program as simple as “paint” and drawing a mustache on Pamela Anderson does. It’s the rules. It may not win for you, but it’s the rules. If you want to know if your program qualifies, ask me. I’ll wave the Short Pump wand and give you a ruling.  I’ve given you a few free ideas, so get busy…

Number 2 rule, PG-13 rated. People will be voting and maybe people will ask their GRANDKIDS to vote. I’m just sayin’.

Number 3 rule, my kids can’t enter, so don’t even try. I know your work and you can’t fool Mother Short Pump. {I will tell you all that my daughter did an amazing Spice Girls photo with her friends faces photoshopped in, if that gives you any inspiration.}

Number 4 rule, post your picture in an entry on your blog and place the link in tomorrows Mr.Linky. If you don’t have a blog, then post it on flickr or something comparable and put the link in tomorrows Mr. Linky. Make sure you link back to Short Pump Preppy preferably with the contest button. This will be uber important come voting time.

Number 5 rule, email me your link, just to make sure we are double covered because I don’t want to miss out on anyone.  I’m paranoid like that.  Commenting on the post works.  But emailing me at linneyshvede )at( gmail )dot( com is a good idea.

This is for FUN, so real live big time professionals are not completely discouraged, but are asked to think before they enter.   Did I word that diplomatically?    

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You want to know what the prizes are…?

Look to the left…over there...I said the LEFT…

Clickfree has donated a 160gig portable hard drive.

Uniqueskins has donated (2) $25 gift certificates.  Check out my post at REVIEWS about my laptop skin..

I know, now you really want to enter.  So does my daughter…too bad….keep working on your ETSY site…

You can tweet the contest with hashtag #digifun . 

You can begin submitting entries at midnight January 17th.  All entries must be received by midnight January. 31.

Voting will begin on February 2 and end February 8 at 10 pm – ’cause that’s my bedtime.

The winner will be announced on FEB 9th.

If I get too many entries I’ll narrow it down, with the help of some guest judges who shall remain nameless for now for their own protection.

Then it’s up to you. BRING IT ON! 

Oh, and you are definitely going to want to play Match Game Monday!!! …the Digi Fun Edition!!

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