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Who doesn’t want cool stuff?

We have been able to get even more prizes for our contest…

I know, I’m excited too and I can’t even win them!

You know about the hard drive from…did you know that you can get $15 off any portable hard drive on their site right now?    {code cfr3318}  These hard drives are the size of a big candy bar…the size I eat.  *snort*  Great for backing up photos or those big digi scrapbook files. Don’t clutter your computer hard drive at home. This is what you want…

Two more prizes for 2nd and 3rd place…from Pimp your electronic device.

Cute and Sassy just got a new laptop and is getting a plain color skin with her monogram on it…how cute is that?

Did you see the one I designed? I know, I love my horse too…  those kids aren’t bad either…

Check out all the fun designs you can make…they have premade beach scenes, hearts, zebra…I’m covering everything in the house…

Now this awesome company  has offered to make digital art for 2 winners…you will receive a digital file ready made for you to print, make into t-shirts, use for cards, make a mouse pad…if you want me over your mantle in a superman costume, we can totally work that out!

I know!  That’s what I said!   I’m having something made for me and I’ll share it with you when I get it…it’s my kittylumps and it’s gonna be cute….

I really do like my kids…you just have to see my animals…you’d understand…

If this doesn’t get you all digified, I don’t know what will.  We’ve got some discount codes for Phokki to share in a few days too, so don’t shop yet!

Check out the RULES and enter your post and digi entry HERE

Sharing is caring!

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