Short Pump Preppy

We are getting close to the end of the competition and we have some really cute entries. I know a few more are coming…there is still time to squeak something in there.

I’m going through some growing pains in a few days.

Yes, I have been eating a lot, but that’s a different story.

I am switching over to WordPress on or around the 28th and you may see some changes…don’t be scared. It is still me and the contest is still going on.

I’m taking a design class and I need a project to play with for my designs…so I’m creating my own playground. Humor me. I really don’t have a life other than blogging.

So make sure you get the entries at least emailed to me by the 31st…even if the Linky isn’t working. All your entries that are emailed will count. linneyshvede at gmail dot com

And wish me luck…I’m a coed now…pulling all nighters, hanging out with the sorority sisies , oh, and the keggers…

Not really, it’s online, so

just a bunch of geeks like me. I need another reason for the kids to give me a hard time.

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