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    Mom’s Spring Break Survival Kit

    We prep for snow storms, we prep for vacation and holidays.  But what do we stock for a week off with the kids AFTER THE WINTER FROM FROZEN? I remember getting through my own crazy snow seasons with 3 kids and wondering how I could take any more. Living the dream was quickly becoming a […] Read more…

  • beck love

    Spoiling Thoughtfully

    I believe in the right of a grandparent to spoil their grandchild. Who’s with me? But there is a sense of responsibility that comes with that right. Our home is a little different because I’m more like a parent in many respects, having daily interactions with B, helping when I can with the day to day, and getting […] Read more…


  • cruise featured image

    How To Save Money On Cruises And Still Have Fun!

    Some tips from me, but most from the experts – a great list of resources. And while they all aren’t big money tips, if you add them all together, you can save in a big way. Part of it is being smart about the vacation – a trip that is filled with hidden charges and […] Read more…

  • kings dominion

    Beck Takes On Kings Dominion!

    We had the opportunity to visit Kings Dominion the other day. It was Beck’s first time and the first time I’d been since the new Snoopy land had opened. My days at KD go back to the 80s, so it was fun to share this with my grandson. I love that KD is a close […] Read more…

Digital & Social

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    Create Circle Avatars and Photos in Picmonkey

    You know the cool circle avatars that people have in their bios? There are tutorials all over the web telling you how to create them in Photoshop. Ain’t nobody got time or money for that. it’s super easy to make one in our favorite FREE software, Picmonkey. Here’s how. Open a photo and crop it […] Read more…

  • Age Restrictions on Social Media Sites

    Are your kids or grandkids old enough to use social media? It’s a decision that parents often use their own judgement in making when choosing to let a child open an account. Their friends are on the platforms and the parents are monitoring their usage, so is it OK to let them have an account? Before you […] Read more…