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elmo big bird

Beck Meets Elmo at Busch Gardens

This is the real Elmo, right Granny? He's a lot taller than I thought....  You said I could have anything I wanted, Granny.... well I want ELMO and BIG BIRD...!!! Or even better. Elmo on a spinny stick. See? I'm easy... … [Read More...]

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richmond zoo beck and mom

Beck’s Visit to the Richmond Zoo

OK. We're here at the zoo. And it's going to be the best day. Wait. What's next? What's first? What's over there?   Strollers are for weenies. Let's walk for a while. You're moving kinda slow, Mom. It's time to pick up the pace. LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN... I'm pretty sure I like whatever is over … [Read More...]

beck skip hop 1

Beck’s guide to walking Mom to the car.

You can never be too careful out there in the real world. I have to take my Mommy's hand every day when we go to daycare to make sure she makes it OK. I'm the man of the house and it's up to me to make sure she's safe. I GOT THIS MOM - NO WORRIES!!! Walk carefully down the steps. Very carefully. … [Read More...]

linda green

Gravity is not your friend. Defy it.

I'll just put it out there. Every time I stand up from sitting down for any period of time I can't get to the bathroom fast enough. I blame gravity. And being 52. But mostly gravity. It's not always instantaneous - sometimes after standing up, I live in a 30 second gravity-less vortex, so I have … [Read More...]

KFC game night i spy

KFC Family Game Night with I SPY

My kids grew up on the I SPY games. We had all the books and they loved them. We also had a lot of chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. What do these have in common you ask? Now KFC has partnered with I SPY to give you good food and good fun.  Because who doesn't want to have fun with … [Read More...]

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toddler turkey veggie loaves egg free

Toddler Turkey & Veggie Loaves – Egg Free

Since Beck was identified with allergies, some of our favorite foods needed a re-think and a re-do. One of our favorite was the Turkey & Veggie meatloaves. Eggs are the problem now so we found a way to make them without. In this case we used mashed potatoes (made without milk) and a little oil […]

wonder sandwich

My Wonderful Wonder Bread Giveaway

I’m excited to be working with Wonder Bread in celebration of May as National Hamburger Month *throws confetti* on a giveaway of … you guessed it… bread. Lots of bread. But I’m giving away coupons because I found out that bread does not ship easily. This is what I was sent that didn’t quite make it. Brings […]

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Everyday Marg

2014-01-29 17.48.07

Our #Disneyside @Home Celebration

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. The products received were given to me for free, the party and the fun were all real! A few weeks ago we recieved the best package since Christmas: our … [Read More...]

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