Amazon Prime Now Saved Me This Summer

amazon prime now

It’s been almost 2 months since I fell and sprained my MCL. I literally lost the summer. Lost. Gone. Poof. I spent most of the time in bed, barely making it into another room for the first month. After I gained my balance and began venturing to other rooms and eventually the car and work, […] Read more…

Gifts for the Disney Super Fan

disney gifts for disney fanatics

Disney gets into people’s hearts and sometimes into their lives in more ways than just TV and movies. So if you are a Disney fan or have one in your life, here are some affordable Disney gifts that you can have delivered with Amazon (most on Prime!) and make a Disney fan’s day! Slow cookers, […] Read more…

Healing Quotes

the way you help heal the world

We will go through good times and bad times and as we cycle back and forth, we can use some inspiration to help us through the bad. Healing doesn’t always happen on its own. We often have to work through our problems and challenges to get to a place of hope and happiness. 1, The […] Read more…

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